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The Oil and Gas industry is usually divided into three major sectors: upstream (or exploration and production – E&P), midstream and downstream. We focus on the Upstream and Downstream businesses.

The world total primary energy demand is currently estimated around 10 000 Mtoe (Million tons of oil equivalent). Most of this energy is consumed in developed countries. 75% of this demand is satisfied by fossil fuels which release CO2 when burnt and make the climate crisis worse.

It is estimated that the world will count 9 billion inhabitants by mid-century, most of them living in cities. Projecting the existing trends (regulations, demography, urbanization etc), the International Energy Agency estimates that 17 500 Mtoe will be required at this time. While fossil fuels will most likely step back in the global energy mix in proportion, their absolute quantity will keep rising.

Not withstanding these challenges, Oil & Gas offers plenty of opportunities for developping countries. Harnessing the full potential will require, among other things, to train competent staff in-country, to mitigate regulatory uncertainty and finance infrastructure.

Our experts cover the entire value chain and all the technical disciplines from geology & geophysics, Oil & Gas regulations, economy and contracts, HSEQ to plant optimization. They are amongst the most respected by their peers in their respective fields and have extensive knowledge of the countries they have worked in.

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