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We provide technical assistance and consulting services to public and private customers with development projects.

We represent independant experts and engineering firms. Our network is made of 300+ specialists of more than 30 nationalities with complementary skills. Our sectors are Natural Ressources Management, Local content development, Energy and Mining, Agribusiness and Food, Maritime and Information Technology. We are mainly active in Africa.


Environment & Natural Resources Management

Natural resources such as land, water, soil, plants and animals must be managed effectively to contribute to the quality of life of present and future generations.

Capacity development & LOCAL CONTENT

Wether you are looking to get better at what you do or want to create a greater impact, we will help you obtain, improve or retain the skills, knowledge and tools' resources needed to do your job competently.

Ocean & Agriculture

Agriculture, fisheries & aquaculture are a great opportunity for developping countries. By mid-century, the world will have to produce 50 percent more food.

Power Generation

Modern societies consume larger amounts of energy as a consequence of increasing demography and urbanisation. This growing need must be addressed whilst managing the climate crisis.

Oil, Gas & Mining

Fossil fuels will remain a necessary component of the world energy mix for the years to come.

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Customers testimonials

We do our best to understand our customers and provide them with fit-for-purpose and cost effective solutions.

K. L.

Major advising firm

Matchmake international is our go-to shop when we seek specific technical profiles or local content. Their network in projects countries is reliable and their reactivity second to none.


Major Oil company

With our new strategy to move into power generation, we have used Matchmake's network to help us assessing the Total Cost of Ownership of power plant designs in East Africa. Their study proved to be extremely useful to us.

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